Welsh Forest Products was founded in 1964 by Tom Welsh, importing veneer and core stock to the plywood industry nationwide. Later, the company began importing paneling for the domestic residential market. In the 1990s, Welsh Forest Products became a major supplier of Russian Birch plywood. It also continued to export Aromatic Cedar and Oak for flooring to Europe and Asia. 

At about the same time, as the housing market burgeoned, Welsh entered the market with moulding and millwork items from South America, China and Indonesia. Exterior and interior door frames, casing, base, crown and other moulding items quickly became the main focus of the company and remain so today.

An important fact should be pointed out in understanding the shifts in emphasis in the history of the company. Each change has been made to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Welsh has always had far ranging contacts worldwide and still does. As customers' and contacts' needs have changed, they have turned to Welsh to fill those needs. They have known that with our worldwide contacts and expertise, Welsh could come up with a solution. Nor is Welsh limited to only wood, as illustrated by the fact that we were one of the first, if not the first, company to find and import decorative iron balusters for a customer.

Welsh Forest Products does not exist to sell a particular product. Welsh Forest Products seeks to find and supply products to meet the needs of its customers.